Noise Aversions (Behavior)

RACE-Approved 1 Hour CE Course

Fear of noises is a remarkably common problem in dogs. Sadly, many pet owners do not think to ask their veterinarian for help when they see their pet suffering from severe noise fears that can cause profound suffering for dogs. This presentation will review the problem, the importance of proactive screening, risk factors for the problem and how to diagnose it. Several different treatment options will also be included.

Is It You or Is It Me? Dermatology vs. Behavior (Dermatology)

RACE-Approved 1.25 Hour CE Course

Is this a Dermatology case? Is it Behavior? Is it both? Is it neither? This course is designed to teach a collaborative approach to diagnosing and treating patients. Dr. Bourgeois and Dr. Pachel review cases that are not obvious to one specialty and teach us how to start a dialogue to a multispecies, multidiscipline approach. In their review of specific cases, they explain how to observe, ask pointed questions, and make recommendations on which specialty or specialties might be most beneficial for your patient.

BESST Study: Benazepril Spironolactone STudy (Cardiology)

RACE-Approved 1 Hour CE Course

The pivotal trial for Cardalis will be described in detail, with methods and results. Clinical applications for this drug will also be discussed. The attendee will learn how the drug was evaluated and of its efficacy and safety.

DELAY Study: DELay of Appearance of sYmptoms of canine degenerative mitral valve disease treated with spironolactone and benazepril (Cardiology)

RACE-Approved 0.5 Hour CE Course

Dr. Borgarelli will provide a review of the DELAY study. He will touch on the prognostic significance of cardiac remodeling in dogs with MMVD and how cardiac biomarkers can be used in clinical trials.

Rational Dose Selection for ACE Inhibitors in Canine Heart Disease (Cardiology)

RACE-Approved 0.5 Hour CE Course

Although ACE inhibitors are among the most commonly prescribed medications in veterinary cardiology, no consensus exists on the ideal dose of ACEi for treatment of heart disease, systemic hypertension, or proteinuria. The purpose of this presentation is to review the existing evidence and future research directions that can assist clinicians in choosing the optimal dose of ACEi for their patients.

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