CE Course


In this continuing education course, veterinarians and veterinary healthcare team members will gain a deeper understanding of how heartworm infection leads to heartworm disease within dogs and cats; including the lifecycle of the mosquito vector and the transmission process that ultimately causes heartworm disease within the pet. This course explores how mosquito-transmitted human diseases are controlled and how veterinarians can learn from human medicine to develop better control and prevention strategies for protecting their patients from this deadly infection and disease.

Course Outline

A New Way to Fight a Common, Potentially Fatal Infection

You will start by learning more about mosquito-borne diseases and how to combat the problem.


In this section you will take a closer look at heartworm disease, a heartworm’s ecosystem and their life cycle.

The Mosquito Vector

You will also explore the life cycle of mosquitoes and learn how vector-borne disease control in human medicine and vector-borne disease control in veterinary medicine are how they differ.

About The Author

Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, ESQ

Dr. Hodgkins is currently Director of Ceva Animal Health’s Veterinary Services group.