Puppy Behavior for the Veterinary Staff: The Young Puppy (8-11 weeks) (Behavior)

RACE-Approved 1 Hour CE Course | CE Video

Learn all about the socialization period for the young puppy and the importance of the veterinary staff’s role in helping these puppies become acclimated. You’ll also learn how to keep pet owners informed about how best to care for their puppy.

Pet Perception & Communication and How it Differs from Humans (Behavior)

RACE-Approved 1.5 Hour CE Course | CE Online, Video, PDF

Learn about the Human-Animal Bond (HAB) and how to properly assess what a pet with perceived behavior problems might be feeling and communicating.

Noise Phobia in Dogs (Behavior)

RACE-Approved 1 Hour CE Course | CE Online, PDF

Learn about noise phobia, the signs and symptoms and how to proper diagnose, along with available treatment options.

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