Managing the MultiCat Household (Behavior)

RACE-Approved 1 Hour CE Course

This presentation will review the social structure of the cat and why introducing unrelated cats can be so challenging. Instructions on how to properly introduce new cats will be covered as well as how to treat aggression problems once they have begun. Information on providing for the cats behavioral needs will be reviewed so that the veterinarian can council cat owners on how to maintain a peaceful multicat home.

Pheromone Use in the Fear Free® Practice (Behavior)

RACE-Approved 0.5 Hour CE Course

While we cannot guarantee that every veterinary visit can be completely Fear Free®, there is no question that attending to the emotional or behavioral health of our patients will help us give them better overall health care. The Fear Free® and Cat Friendly initiatives have increased the awareness of this important issue over the past several years. This presentation will review the important role that pheromones can play in a Fear Free® or Cat Friendly practice as well as give several other practical tips that anyone can put to work immediately in their practice, regardless of their practice size or type.

Puppy Socialization Part 2 (Behavior)

RACE-Approved 0.5 Hour CE Course

Differentiating between normal and abnormal behaviors in puppies is important to allow for fast and early intervention. This lecture reviews our options we have as veterinary teams for intervention when we identify that a puppy’s behavioral development is not going normally.

Puppy Socialization Part 1 (Behavior)

RACE-Approved 0.5 Hour CE Course

In veterinary practice, we see a lot of puppies. They come from various places and all arrive in families who are excited about their new bundle of fur! Our goal as the veterinary team is to monitor and encourage socialization to create adult dogs who have been prepared for their life in this new family. This 0.5 hour lecture reviews normal puppy behavior during the socialization period, what you should be watching for to know if this puppy is staying on track for normal behavioral development and the signs that a puppy has the potential for behavior problems.

It Sucks Getting Old (Behavior)

RACE-Approved 1 Hour CE Course | CE Video

This course will prepare attendees to recognize the behavioral signs of medical conditions common to the aging pet. As our pets age, many of the health problems that become more common, also have associated behavioral changes. Some behavioral problems can be challenging to differentiate from primary medical conditions. We’ll also cover the diagnosis of canine cognitive decline and the variety of different interventions available for improving the health and welfare of our senior pets.

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