Sebaceous Adenitis - The Great Pretender (Dermatology)

RACE-Approved 0.5 Hour CE Course

Is it an allergy? Maybe it's hypothyroidism? No wait! It's Sebaceous Adenitis! What's that? This presentation will cover the diagnosis and treatment of sebaceous adenitis.

Challenging Dermatology Cases from the Behavioral Standpoint (Dermatology)

RACE-Approved 1 Hour CE Course

Dermatological diseases can be frustrating to treat especially if owners aren’t compliant. In this talk, we will discuss how to increase compliance when behavior problems impede the owner’s ability to implement the treatment. We will discuss how to counter-condition and desensitize the animal to having topical treatments applied.

Is It You or Is It Me? Dermatology vs. Behavior (Dermatology)

RACE-Approved 1.25 Hour CE Course

Is this a Dermatology case? Is it Behavior? Is it both? Is it neither? This course is designed to teach a collaborative approach to diagnosing and treating patients. Dr. Bourgeois and Dr. Pachel review cases that are not obvious to one specialty and teach us how to start a dialogue to a multispecies, multidiscipline approach. In their review of specific cases, they explain how to observe, ask pointed questions, and make recommendations on which specialty or specialties might be most beneficial for your patient.

Tentative Diagnosis: Stress Is Impacting Your Dermatology Patients (Dermatology)

RACE-Approved 1.5 Hour CE Course

Dr. Grant shares her unique approach of evaluating the relationship between dermatology patients and their behavioral issues. She talks about stress, the physiology of the brain-skin interaction, and most importantly what you can do to treat or prevent this. Her focus is on understand how behavioral changes with chronic dermatological issues and how to address and enhance the dog’s or cat’s emotional state.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis (Dermatology)

RACE-Approved 1 Hour CE Course | CE Video

An in-depth review of flea allergy dermatitis; after this course you will better understand the signs of this common skin disease and learn about managing the condition. Flea control options are also reviewed.

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