Pets & People Against Mosquitoes (Parasiticides)

RACE-Approved 1 Hour CE Course

This presentation for veterinarians and veterinary technicians covers the topic of how human and veterinary medicine can work together to fight mosquito-borne disease. We’ll cover how veterinarians can no longer assume “foreign” diseases are something they do not have to worry about or be prepared to address along with bringing awareness of the increasing risk of mosquito-borne diseases to companion animals. We will re-visit key aspects of the heartworm life cycle and the importance of the intermediate host. Discuss updates regarding the heartworm vectors, mosquitoes. Review new findings regarding heartworm and vector resistance and encourage the use of an integrated-strategy to protect pets against heartworm infection.

Why Many Dog Owners Aren't Using Heartworm Preventives. It's Not What You Think. (Parasiticides)

RACE-Approved 1 Hour CE Course | CE Video

This course covers results for recent dog owner research regarding heartworm preventive usage. In addition to data to help them understand, the course offers best practices and research-informed tools that the veterinarians can use to better educate and communicate with their clients.

Mosquitoes and Heartworm Disease: The Forgotten Culprit (in a Deadly Disease) (Parasiticides)

RACE-Approved 1.0 Hour CE Course | CE Online, Video, PDF

Gain a deeper understanding of how heartworm infection leads to heartworm disease, the lifecycle of the mosquito vector and the transmission process that causes heartworm disease within the pet.

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