Noise Phobia in Dogs - Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

About Noise Phobia

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Noise Phobia is a reaction to a noise that is so intense and out of context that it limits the dog’s normal functioning, it is “all or nothing” (it typically results in a disproportionate response to the stimulus), and it persists long after the threat is gone. These dogs often anticipate events and show an increased sensitivity to low-level sounds that they fear.

How many dogs have a noise phobia?

  • Up to 50% of dogs may be afflicted with a noise phobia.
  • However, only about 13% of US dog owners report that their dogs suffer from fear of noises.1

How do pet owners handle noise phobia?

  • Pet owners first go online to research solutions.
    • 84% of pet owners search online for their dog’s behavior problem.2
  • 3 out of 4 pet owners say that they will talk to their veterinarians about behavior issues.2

Make sure you have the right answers to help address their concerns. You will learn the answers to help address their concerns today.

Questions to ask pet owners

More importantly, here are some very basic questions to ask owners to determine if their dog might be suffering from a noise phobia:

  1. What does your dog do when it hears a loud noise such as thunder, fireworks, gun shots, vacuum cleaners, loud voices or car/truck engines?
  2. How has your dog’s reaction to noises changed over time?
  3. During a noise event, is it possible to get your dogs attention, such as getting him to play?
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