Noise Phobia in Dogs - Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment


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Which pheromones do we use to help manage noise phobias?

  • Products such as ADAPTIL® (made by Ceva Animal Health) contain a synthetic version of the dog appeasing pheromone that the bitch produces from her intermammary region shortly after whelping and until her puppies are weaned.
  • This pheromone provides a calming, reassuring and nurturing effect that is able to be detected by dogs during their entire lifespan, resulting in a lifelong consistent and predictable response.


  • This is a good option for most dogs that have noise phobias.
  • While some noise events are very predictable, others like thunderstorms are not. A collar allows the dog to benefit from the calming capabilities of  pheromones any time a noise may occur.
  • Use a collar during thunderstorms or firework season.
  • Should be applied 1 week prior to events if possible. A minimum of 48 hrs. prior to expected event for best results.
  • The collar should be fit snugly around the dog’s neck as it is heat activated. Most collars will not be effective if they or the dog are wet. Once both are dry, collars will resume diffusing pheromones.


  • Diffusers are great for households with more than one dog or a dog that is strictly indoors.
  • Pheromone diffusers should be placed where the dog spends the most time and where you build a ‘safe spot’ or den for the dog to hide during noise events.
  • Diffusers should be plugged in 1 week prior or a minimum of 48 hrs. prior to an expected event. Use for a full 30 days for best results.
  • Diffusers should be placed in a location where the release of the pheromone is not obstructed by furniture or other objects.


  • Pheromones also come in spray format and can be sprayed onto a bandana or ThunderShirt® before and during the storm or noise event.
  • Sprays may have a moderately strong alcohol smell which can be unpleasant to some dogs. While this does dissipate extremely fast, any object to be sprayed should be sprayed away from the dog to prevent a negative reaction. Wait for 15 minutes before exposing object to dog.
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