Noise Phobia in Dogs - Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Safe Spots

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Building a ‘safe spot’ or den

All dogs that have a noise fear or phobia need a place to hide. It is a required component of noise phobia management.

Instructions for pet owners:

  • Identify a place where the dog usually hides or a place in the home that is dark, quiet and away from disturbing activity.
  • Reinforce this area by:
    • Keeping windows and curtains closed
    • Turning off lights
    • Providing extra bedding and blankets for your dog to burrow under to add additional comfort
    • Supplementing the den with pheromone products
      • Spray the bedding, blankets and towels with pheromone spray
      • Use a pheromone diffuser in the room
      • Use a pheromone collar